The 10 ideas that Gaumina product development manager Tom Nemura had in mind after looking at 40 RsV agency pages:

1. Combine with what you already have. For example, Communication and Consultants has its own Facebook group but is not visible on the site. Maybe you have something to integrate? Is it Skype employees’ addresses, or is it ultimately the same employees who write about current topics in the field. And there really are. It could be a great Win-Win. For the employee, it is recommended to present to current and future clients, and for the company to show their people’s knowledge and knowledge.

2. A newsletter or RSS feed where you can subscribe to written press releases for your customers doesn’t work. If there is nothing to do, you may not need such features at all.

3. If you are blogging or updating content, engage in it. As we have experienced with , the great job is not to write good posts (which is a must), but to become visible – to participate in the blogging communities, to bring in the first loyal readers, to interact with them. Therefore, most good wishes for writing a corporate blog end in failure. New posts are coming up, but no more – a bad merdi with a couple of comments. For this, we thought that a blogger should have a host, a person inside or outside the company, who would be responsible for the project and, ideally, be financially motivated depending on its results. When this happens, the results will improve as well.

4. There are people in your company too. Employee interviews, photos from industry events, parties – if useful, it can also be used. Companies are becoming more and more popular in the world, where ordinary people are talking about the company, not the actor who learned the text for TV advertising. Corporate evil is being replaced by real people in the company on Twitter, blog or Facebook – fun, engaging, knowledgeable in their field, and interesting to talk to. You really have to.

5. With a small budget, I thought about whether or not to create a website as a whole. Maybe I would do bad things, put content in separate categories (“about us”, jobs, clients, etc.) and respond to comments. Or play with forms. Last year the advertising agency “ Modernist! ”Shook the world by uploading its description to Wikipedia, works on Flickr, press releases on, and the site simply put links where you can find everything.

6. To look like everyone, make a business card on the Internet, a list of services, a list of clients and put together all client press releases.

7. If you want to stand out, put together quotes from famous people and invite them for a cup of coffee. You will already be divorced from 2/3 as only a third of the websites use these phrases.

8. What makes you different from the other 39 agencies? It may be that the title emphasizes the original texts or texts for the Internet. When working with clients, we often face the problem of getting icy texts for a client’s future website: not promotional texts, not press releases, but texts for the Internet. So far, we’re experimenting with creators, public relations professionals, bloggers. Each time it takes time and you run the risk of getting an uncertain result. Maybe someone should do something? Or maybe somebody is already doing it, but not mentioning it?

9. When you look at websites, you get the impression that online communication doesn’t matter . Why? Because almost no one distinguishes it from services, it does not mention social networking, communication with bloggers. Abroad, there are professionals who live off their online reputation management. It is important not to write positive comments on blogs and praise a client’s company under the cover of nicknames. On the contrary, tracking who is talking about a company on the Internet, answering, helping and solving consumer problems are areas that do not seem to exist in Lithuania yet. Maybe you do something in Lithuania – share!

10. View the list yourself. All sites can be found here . We spent a couple of hours but got the rewards even though we are not even an RsV agency. We also have famous quotes from people on Gaumina. We invented to change them to what our employees themselves said. Every employee knows their area and has something to say. Only website has fewer buttons than employees! A new idea is to create a quote page for the best employees on Twitter and connect with the site. New good ideas will be brought out in real time – the site will live daily with what the team lives on. If you can do it first – your idea!