“When you start to make your offer based on that, you become an enlightened minority and you are already on the path to marketing success – a prerequisite for financial success.”

“The fifteenth secret – richness – reminds us that consumers are smarter than ever before, so you won’t be fascinated by the special effects and specials they have.”

These are two quotes from the first 35 pages of a single book on marketing (as is now customary in the media), which will soon be available in bookstores. What pearls lie in the remaining 312 pages. besides American-style blasphemy and just proofreading?

And, in order not to be accused of sneaking around for nasty translation trivia, let’s give this book a little more so-called richness:

“The information on these pages will direct you to success and warn you of the dangers that can lead to failure. (…) It is good that this marketing is not. Because if there were, then all businessmen would be partisans. In that case, your path to success would be just a sidewalk ride for everyone, not a secret rainbow path that ends with a larger pot of gold than you imagined. ”

WTF? What’s here – an excerpt from the How to Make a Million sect congregation? Neee, this is about guerrilla marketing with rationality, creativity and intuition. Is it still the art of breaking the sh for a good thing? (nothing personal against author JCLevinson).

While we are all well aware, in most cases (except for elections, of course) you can get up to three times.

All I needed was one Lithuanian “Marketing Genius” to put a banner on all the books published by Verslo Žinios (though there were some good ones so far).

And this time I thank the publishers for allowing me to download some of the electronic version and get to know the product before purchasing it – otherwise we would have to fight for consumer rights.

Optimists (who in Lithuania seem to have fallen drastically ) may still try to download the pirated pdf, the original from amazon.com or go to the JCLevinson seminar .