Continuing our initiation of web 2.0 searches on rsv agency websites, Tom Nemura (Gaumina Product Development Manager) will look at 3 web pages before his eyes that he says are mostly web 2.0: – The site looks like a flyer or survey form, but is a good blog. Translating and commenting on interesting foreign articles, adding pictures, videos, research, appear in a few posts a week.

What would I do if I were a project owner? It was interesting to read the blog, but the link to it on the website is barely visible. I would organize the website and communicate the blog. Thumbs up! Posts are interesting – I didn’t quit writing! – The site is very simple and does not stand out, but a corporate blog is written . The only problem: now the blog resembles an abandoned village in the Chernobyl area. Posts are posted monthly or in pairs, there is no single format – here we find both a long crammed comment and a link to an article in Delphi.

What would I do if I were a project owner? I would standardize the format, put photos, videos, and technical aspects (colors, layout, RSS feeds) instead of text sheets. Posts are already in place, someone is dedicating their time to it, hoping that people will find it interesting and useful. Just make it easier to read and share. It seems there is still a niche among corporate RsV blogs. Perhaps it is worth occupying it? – Skype for employees, link to director posts on the Cafe blog (with 10 to a dozen comments by the way) and a Twitter page that is regularly filled with nearly 200 followers “. Unexpected.

What would I do? More communicative. Now all of these things are cluttered up with contacts, and while browsing the services you can only find information such as “Creating and Managing Public Blogs“, “Implementing Corporate and Marketing Communication Projects on Social Media”. I would do case studies, tell me how I was doing myself. If successful, can social communication and bad be company exclusivity?