Awesome news for an intriguing marketing executive who tells the agency to write down how many grams of myrtol (what is it?) In Gelomyrtol Forte.

Peter Field and Hamish Pringle on their book Brand Immortality:

Our primary data source is the UK Institute of Practitioners in Advertising Effectiveness Awards, which were founded in 1980. The book’s analyzes are based on accumulated learning from 880 case studies from the UK national and international competition.

And here’s the summary:

What the data shows us is that emotional campaigns are almost twice as likely to generate large profits as rational ones, with campaigns that use facts as well as emotions in equal measure fall somewhere between the two.

By the way, the emotional, mixed with the rational, lags behind the emotional not so much.

So what’s not great news for a typical Lithuanian marketer who doesn’t have time to focus solely on creating emotional value and needs sales ASAP?