To submit alternative rankings for communicators from different fields in one place, we have sent requests to creative advertising agencies to voluntarily submit data about themselves. We sent the letter to both KOMAA and non-KOMAA members, but to creative agencies that provide creative services and whose core creative income.

Shortly after our letter, KOMAA distributed a reminder to its own members that KOMAA members’ earnings data is only shared by all members. Provisions are provisions and we must respect them. Explanations for why not submit data were only sent by MILK and NOT PERFECT. Thank you. Non-KOMAA members – ASTA DESIGN MCCANN ERICKSON, FABRICA and DRAFTFCB provided data.

So, in a nutshell: Creative agencies‘ alternative rating will appear in late March, early April, when KOMAA will announce its own and we will put it all together. With friday.